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Storm Damage & Junk Removal Services


Monsoon Season can bring serious damage to the state as high winds can toss debris around, down trees, damaged power lines, and destroy structures like roofs and shelters.  Call Jason’s Team were Ready To Clean-up anything!


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Storm Damage Clean-up Services

Jason’s Tree Services located in beautiful Phoenix, Az also offers Full-Service Storm damage removal services for businesses.

We work with Real Estate Agents, Property Management Companies, Storage Facilities, Apartment Complexes, Retail Furniture Stores, and more…


Keep Your Property Safe, Healthy, and Looking Great!


We’re ideal in helping the households and businesses of Phoenix clear out their homes, storage units, and offices by removing their unwanted items in a way that is efficient, honest, and environmentally friendly.

Our uniform-clad team members have the knowledge and experience necessary to get rid of your clutter in a quick, damage-free, and stress-free way.

Whether you need help clearing away old office equipment, outdated furniture, broken electronics, or construction debris, we’re here to help.

Just Point and the Junk and Debris Disappears!


Home remodels are notoriously messy, and cleaning up after completing one can be a daunting task. If you find yourself with more construction debris, scrap metal, or old metal appliances, we can help.

Disposing of large pieces of metal, such as porcelain-coated metal bathtubs, pipes, and old bicycles can be a challenge, especially if you’re working on the task alone.

Fortunately, our team of junk removal experts is here to make it easier. once you call our junk removal experts, we will arrive at your home, office or storage shed within the scheduled two-hour block of time.

You’ll show us what needs to go, and we’ll provide you with an upfront, transparent, and all-inclusive price. We strive to ensure that you know exactly how much you’ll pay and what you’re paying for. You don’t even need to have all of your unwanted items in one place; just point and junk disappears!

We gather, sort, load, and dispose of your unwanted belongings, taking the guesswork out of how to properly get rid of your unwanted items. once we’re done, we’ll even sweep up after ourselves!


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